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Taking our customers from inception to a fully operational blockchain-based solution managed by us on their behalf

Every customer engagement is different but we have developed a services framework that ensures that we never lose sight of the overall goal - to deliver a blockchain-based solution that reduces the cost and complexity of doing business in their world.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment or feasibility study is designed to ensure that we gather enough information about the customer’s potential application or use case to validate the assumption that a blockchain-based solution is appropriate and that this opportunity can’t be solved using conventional technologies.

Proof of Concept

Proof is an important concept in blockchain related to consensus and our proof of concept is very similar - we use this to ensure that there is broad agreement about the overall approach before asking our customers to commit to the MVP development and production pilot. We often use a workshop to ensure that our customers understand the benefits of utilising a blockchain and agree the scope of the proof of concept. This may be to create a sketch of the overall solution or explore a particular area to ensure we are using the right blend of technologies.

MVP Development

Having successfully completed the Proof of Concept the next step is to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). To facilitate this we use the agile development method.

Lean Inception

We run an initial week long inception which is in line with industry best practice. It is crucial that all stakeholders are represented and that they can set aside the time required to do this with minimal interruptions.

The output of this inception is a clear understanding of the constituents of the MVP. This enables us to identify and agree with the customer precisely what is in scope and - just as important - what is out of scope for both the MVP and the production pilot that follow this.


Development takes the form of two week sprints where the estimated duration of the overall MVP development will have been determined based on the complexity of the scope agreed.

Throughout this phase we review progress at the end of each sprint and where appropriate we are also happy to onboard the customer’s engineers to create a joint task force.

Operational Model

In parallel with the development we work closely with the customer on their preferred operational model. In most cases they are happy for us to deliver the solution as a service since we have extensive experience operating the underlying platform for multiple customers.

Production Pilot

Once the MVP is tested and the operational model agreed and implemented we then run the pilot with the customer and since this is a blockchain-based solution other participants/actors as appropriate.

During this phase the overall roll out plan will be discussed and agreed. This may well involve further development. Key to the success of production pilot is also testing the commercial model. Is the solution behaving as anticipated and so on.

This is just a brief outline of our engagement model and detailed commercials clearly need to be agreed each step of the way.

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