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Our production-ready permissioned blockchain for enterprise

BTP is committed to both consuming and contributing to open source and the BTP Platform™ is built on the Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.0 framework recently announced by the Linux Foundation Hyperledger project. Furthermore its roll out and ongoing operation is automated using the top level Apache Software Foundation project Apache Brooklyn.

Originally contributed to Hyperledger by Intel Corporation, this framework features Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET), a green and performant alternative consensus to Proof of Work.

BTP chose Sawtooth given its proven ability to run Solidity smart contracts through Seth, its integration with the Hyperledger Burrow EVM. This is important because it means that the BTP Platform can support the ERC20 token standard.

Given BTP’s CEO & Co-founder led the Cloudsoft team that originally developed, curated and contributed Apache Brooklyn to the Apache Software Foundation, this was the logical choice to automate the modelling, deployment and ongoing management of the BTP Platform.

Blockchain Technology Partners works with its customers to deliver blockchain-based solutions that are implemented on the BTP Platform. Find out more »

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